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Genealogy Request Guidelines

Christ Lutheran Church is sympathetic to the desires of genealogical researchers and wishes to assist them as we are able.  However, we are a parish church, not an archive facility or research library.  This means that staff members and research assistants are not always available–especially on short notice or no notice–to work with those who wish to visit the church and to use our records.  So that researchers may not be disappointed by our limitations, we ask that they abide by the following guidelines.

  • Appointments to examine church records must be made and confirmed well in advance. Because of constraints on staff time and availability, there is no guarantee that walk-in requests can be accommodated.  Before making travel arrangements, researchers planning a trip to York should confirm that assistance will be available to them during their visit.  Scheduling may be done with the church office by email at or by telephone at 717.854.5589.
  • It may be necessary to cancel a scheduled appointment because of a significant congregational event—such as a funeral. But we will do our very best to accommodate scheduled appointments.
  • Records may be handled only by members of the church staff, or by persons so authorized by Congregation Council.
  • Records may not be removed from the church building.
  • Records may be photographed under natural light. Use of flash photography is not permitted.  Records will not be photocopied or scanned.
  • Christ Church is not equipped to do extensive research for inquiries submitted by email, letter, Fax, or telephone, but in some instances, we may be able to do very limited look-ups. For example, we may be able to find the date of birth, Baptism, or marriage for one or two people, but we are not able to search records for extended or multigenerational family relationships.
  • Researchers should be aware that some records pertaining to Christ Church are available online and in print. See below “Resources for Genealogy Requests.”



Note:  This list of online resources is not exhaustive.  Any search engine should lead the researcher to additional Websites. (Requires membership to access.)

  • York County, Pennsylvania, 1733-1800: Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • Private Church Registers to 1800, York County, Pennsylvania.  The following record books are included in this database: Baptisms performed by Pastor Jacob Goering, 1788-89, Private Register of Reverend Thomas Barton, 1755-59, Reverend Cuthbertson’s Register, 1752-90, Reverend Robert Cathcart’s Register, 1793-1800, Baptisms and marriages by Reverend Johan Stoever, 1730-79. Print
  • Bates, Marlene S. and F. Edward Wright. “Christ Evangelical Lutheran, City of York.”  York County Church Records of the 18th Century, Volume 2.  Lewes, Delaware:  Colonial Roots, 1991.  Reprinted 2003.  Because of space limitations witnesses and sponsors have been omitted from these entries except when a familial relationship was indicated.
  • Bates, Marlene S. and F. Edward Wright. “Records of Baptism of Pastor Jacob Goering, 1788 – 1789, in the Vicinity of the city of York.”  York County Church Records of the 18th Century, Volume 2.  Lewes, Delaware:  Colonial Roots, 1991.  Reprinted 2003.
  • Bates, Marlene S. and F. Edward Wright. “Private Register of John Casper Stoever, 1730 – 1799.”  York County Church Records of the 18th Century, Volume 3.  Westminster, Maryland: Family Line Publications, 1991.

Libraries and Archives

  • York County History Center, 250 East Market Street, York, PA   Telephone 717.848.1587.  Website
  • York County Archives, 150 Pleasant Acres Road, York, PA 17402. Telephone 717.840.7222.  Website   Email